Photo 1048.jpg
Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen)

Photo by: Donald Cooper


Part I

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Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen)
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Mephistophiles (Emrys James) onbserves as Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen): inflicts the fatal self-inflicted wounding which commits Faustus's soul
Photo by: Donald Cooper
Photo 0161.jpg
Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen) with Good Angel puppet
Photo 0114.jpg
Sketched at Edinburgh Festival. Ian McKellen (Dr. Faustus with Bad and Good Angels)

Part II

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In Faustus' study
Photo 1049.jpg
Dr Faustus
Photo 0112.jpg
Hewison’s cartoon in Punch: Dr. Faustus (Ian McKellen) holding hand puppets of Good and Bad Angels as Mephistophiles (Emrys James) observes
Photo 1036.jpg
Mephistophiles (Emrys James), Lechery (puppet) and Faustus (Ian McKellen)
Photo by: Joe Cocks
Photo 1047.jpg
Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen) and "Helen of Troy" (puppet)
Photo misc/faust01.jpg
Covetousness, one of seven life-sized puppets used to portray the Deadly Sins, created by Jennifer Carey
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Photo 0181.jpg
Mephistophiles (Emrys James), Duchess of Vanholt (Jean Gilpin), and Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen)
Photo by: Donald Cooper
Photo 1061.jpg
Duchess of Vanholt (Jean Gilpin) and Faustus (Ian McKellen)
Photo 0179.jpg
Mephistophiles (Emrys James), Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen), and Charles V (Leon Tanner)
Photo by: Donald Cooper


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Dr Faustus

Part III

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Dr Faustus (Ian McKellen) near the end

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Director John Barton


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