Written by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Una Ellis-Fermor

Directed by David Reid

Ian McKellen in the role of Hjalmar Ekdal

Cambridge Arts Theatre

3 October 1960 - 8 October 1960


Words from Ian McKellen

This production was cross-cast with “Twelfth Night” and was rehearsed simultaneously. Perhaps that’s why I was never totally familiar with Hjalmar Ekdal’s lines, at least in the fourth act where Corin Redgrave (Gregers Werle) helped me through at the first performance. The old-fashioned translation was stilted but I relished Ibsen’s comedy and the melodrama. — Ian McKellen, December 2006

Banner photo: Youre a wretch, Relling. And a scoundrel, thats what you are -- shameless and treacherous -- I wish to heaven I could get someone to kill you! Act V. Ekdal (Ian McKellen)